FALCONER – Jerry Vargason won three games, highlighted by 91 points and 12 ringers, in the Chautauqua Lake Senior League at the Gold Star Sports Complex.

Vargason also had games of 83 points and eight ringers and 81 points and nine ringers.

John Conti recorded two games of 86 points with 12 ringers each game and 82 points and 10 ringers.

Larry Piazza had games of 86 points and 82 points with 13 ringers each game and 71 points and seven ringers.

Topper Westerdahl drilled games of 83 points and 11 ringers, 79 points and seven ringers and 76 points and eight ringers.

Ken Hopkins had games of 80 points, 78 points and 69 points with a total of 19 ringers. Conti, Piazza, Westerdahl and Hopkins all won three games.

Ken Aldrich recorded 87 points and eight ringers and 76 points with four ringers.

Dick Franzen contributed 80 points with four ringers and 78 points with three ringers while Art Mitchell added games of 79 points and 72 points with 12 ringers. Aldrich, Franzen and Mitchell captured two games.

Ralph Whitney tossed 12 ringers on the way to 96 points.