Elardo, Holmes Top Bowling

Jim Elardo just missed a 700 for the men and Paula Holmes had a high 600 for the ladies to headline area bowling on Tuesday.

Elardo scattered a 238-269-699 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company where Holmes struck the first nine strikes en route to a 264 plus added a 231 for a 666 in the Moon Brook Country Club Ladies League.

Nate Lester spun a 235-258-688 for Game Time in the Miles Machine League and Brandon Carlson recorded a 268 at JBC.

Howie McIntyre Sr., had a 214-240-655 and Bob Howe delivered a 222-231-216-651, also in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Ryan Harvey won the King of the Hill at Cutting Lanes by unloading a 243-645 and Dave McCray contributed a 256.

Cutting Lanes: King of the Hill – Ryan Harvey 243-645, Lant Lictus 245-224-635, Dave McCray 634, Bill Thompson 225-633, Jason Swan 225-619, Bill Moats 604, Kevin Williams 228-593, Moose Dunnewold 587, Steve Swan 581, Howie McIntyre Jr. 223-580, Lyn McIntyre 208-512.

Senior League – Jake Royek 540, Phil Chaffee 532, Roger Brightman 526, Marge Stoddard 452.

Monday Men’s League – Pat Bemis 230-587, Carl Neckers 232-577, Adam Newhouse 576, Chris Legters 221-576.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Judy Lawson 201-572, Jim Rissel 206-562, Dave Winfield Sr. 207-550, Mike Cappa 501, Barb Conklin 467.

Moon Brook Country Club Ladies League – Ann Knepshield 201-562, Pat Weeks 505.

Miles Machine League – John Van Horn 635, Brandon Carlson 598, Mike Page 247-581.

Fountain Bowl: Jamestown American Legion Post 149 Ladies League – Ann Knepshield 519, Lisa Snyder 489, Pat Weeks 483.