Pool Leagues

Bob Prince was among the 13 pool shooters who delivered 24s in the eighth week of the Tuesday Night Jamestown Area League.

Dan Smith Sr., Pete Scheira, Travis Kotch, David Darling, J.R. Becker, John Meacham, Bodine Shafer, Paul Apperson, Emilio Colon, Adam Smith, Mike Ordines and Jeff Passet joined Prince with perfect totals.

Around the league, The Bar stopped Waddington’s Bar, 133-108; Patsy’s Grill defeated VVA, 129-122; Fifth Wheel I downed Crescent Inn III, 131-116; Puzzle Lounge topped Fifth Wheel II, 134-108; Falconer Moose tripped The Swamp, 129-108; Crescent Inn II overcame Crescent Inn I, 130-116; Good Time Saloon beat The Q, 122-107; and Dash Inn prevailed over Dugan’s, 127-102.