Congressman Reed Is Disappointment For Area

To The Reader’s Forum:

The election of Congressman Reed, who represents the southern tier of New York State including Chautauqua County, is one of the biggest disappointments for this area. When reapportionment took place, we lost Congressman Higgins, who now does an excellent job for the Buffalo area.

Congressman Reed has a great amount of double talk when it comes to voting for the things that could benefit our depressed area. Recently he, along with Congressman Collins from Erie County and 140 other Republicans legislators, voted NO to open up the government and raise the national debt ceiling. With these two state representatives voting NO, all other Republican legislators from the State of New York voted YES. During this whole process he followed and continues to follow the tea party extremists and petrified Republicans whose seats were threatened with reelection by the Heritage Foundation, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the money of the Koch brothers. His representative vote symbolizes his ties to the ultra conservative religious movement composed of people from the south and western part of our country that demonstrated hatred for our government and what democracy stands for. Their hypocritical attitude is anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-minority and anything anti that does not fit their way of life. It almost reminds me of people who want to rule instead of represent. Our history of the world has had enough of these tyrants.

His representation is an example of the inner belt Washington values that are contrary to the general population. He thinks that people are dumb and do not have the knowledge as to the bizarre politics that are destroying this country. “Congressman Reed, we are very intelligent and know what it takes to retain democracy” You feel that you have to be in the crowd of the Ted Cruzs of the world. Look now as he stands alone.

Please start to represent this area. People need their social security checks, veteran payments, money that supports Head Start etc. Wake up before it is too late and avoid the double talk.

Norman Czubaj