Government Is Solution For What?

To The Reader’s Forum:

When I saw in the Reader’s Forum (10-20) that “Government is the solution, not the problem,” I wondered what exactly it’s solving after putting us into 17 trillion dollars of debt.

The IRS improperly handed out 130 billion dollars in tax credits over the past decade. Nearly 30% of Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) cases are fraudulent. As Obamacare subsidies will likely have less verification oversight than the EITC, how will it solve Titanic-sized fraud looming ahead if it can’t get its own website right?

Recently it came out that government has made taxpayers spend 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare in the last 5 years. At a cost exceeding 15 trillion dollars, the “war on poverty” has barely lowered rate of poverty since the war on it began in the 1960’s under Lyndon Johnson. Prolific 20th century novelist Taylor Caldwell raised concern not so much over “Big Brother,” but “Big Mommy.” After all the truckloads of taxpayer dollars have been dumped into welfare, dependency on government has ravaged the family. From redefining to devaluing the family, the basic building block of our society is under great pressure from the weight of “Big Mommy.”

The letter mentioned that wealth distribution is Christian principle. Not so fastdoes “wealth distribution” mean the phony form of compassion of government making people give under threat or true compassion freely given from the heart? There’s a big difference from voluntary wealth distribution (biblical) and coerced wealth distribution (unbiblical).

“Government is the solution.” You won’t find that in Scripture. Where the Bible speaks of good government, it’s small, limited and discreet (Romans 13). The Bible commands us to be fair and kind to the poor, needy and disadvantaged, but nothing in the Bible commands government to give entitlements to anyone, neither does the Constitution. Bad government is intrusive, heavy-handed and top-heavy (I Samuel 8 and Revelation 13). “Government is the solution” supersizes “Hi! I’m the government and I’m here to help you.”

When I read, “Government is the solution,” I asked, “The solution for what?” Whatever is meant by that, it comes nowhere near the solution God has in His gospel for our sin. Besides is there even a place for God, if government is the solution? If we buy into the notion of government being the solution, we hardly get anything better than what a title of a book calls, “Sham Pearls for Real Swine.”

Rev. Mel McGinnis