Reed Family Thanks Clymer’s Baileys

I want to publicly thank Ed and Esther Bailey of the Clymer community for everything that they have done for our family in the past year.

Our family has dealt with a horrible tragedy and the people that have quietly been our angels through it all were these two individuals. They have done more for us than anyone would ever expect of family or friends. They put the needs of my girls first in every way that they dealt with Keith Reed’s murder. They have helped us through selling his house and emptying his house, being there before, during and after his funeral, before, during and after this whole trial. I could go on with specifics of what they have done, but they are so numerous, I could never capture them all. I have never met such caring, generous individuals.

I want the Clymer community to know that you are fortunate to have such a dedicated, inspiring leader in your school and community. Both Ed and Esther Bailey clearly demonstrate that they lead by example. This family has had such a positive influence on me and my girls and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. They are calm, kind, generous, and thoughtful beyond comparison.

It is truly people like these two that make your community shine!

You are lucky to have them!

Sharon Reed