Editor’s Note

Like many people I know, I spend a lot of time during the winter months talking about the snow and looking forward to spring. The snow is cold, wet and – most of the time – it’s everywhere.

As a child – long before I had to drive in the snow – I looked forward to playing outside on a wintry afternoon and hoped that a snow day might be just around the corner.

Today, my idea of “playing” in the snow involves a shovel and frostbite.

When my fiancee’s relatives from Georgia visited this week, I remembered that snow isn’t all bad all the time. Our friends from Georgia think of the wintry weather in a different way.

They took in a handful of wintry Western New York days, and to my surprise, they didn’t complain about missing the Georgia sunshine. Instead, they enjoyed the snow.

They weren’t afraid of traveling on snow-covered roads. They asked to borrow my snow brush and scraper and traveled to wherever they wanted.

They enjoyed making snow angels and having snowball fights. With iPhones in hand, they shared photos of themselves in the snow with their friends on Facebook.

It’s something they missed out on growing up, so in small doses at least, the wintry weather won’t scare them away.

While driving home from Springville with their snowy enthusiasm in mind, my fiancee and I examined the snow-covered landscape and said, “I guess it is kind of pretty here during the winter.” I’ll remember that the next time I grab my shovel and head outside.