Thomas’ Support Of Afghan Women Is Commendable

To the Readers’ Forum:

I would like to commend Cal Thomas for his column “What Will Happen to Afghan Women When the Taliban Returns?” In a political cartoon some years ago, a United States soldier told an Afghan woman wearing a burka that she did not have to dress that way anymore. “We’re here, now,” he said. “Yes,” she said, “but in a few years you will be gone and the Taliban will still be here.” And now we are about to enter the years 2014, and, indeed, most U.S. troops will be leaving Afghanistan.

Cal Thomas quotes Mavis Leno, Jay Leno’s wife, as saying that she is “worried sick” about current negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government. According to Mrs. Leno, Afghan women “have been the throwaways in any agreement.” Lately, according to Cal Thomas, the Afghan parliament failed to pass a law that prohibits violence against women and says that Mrs. Leno sees this as “an ominous warning.” Thomas then says: “To allow Afghan women to be forced to return to subservience to a male-dominated religious fundamentalism would mean they (the 2,100 service men and women who served in the Afghan war) died in vain.” Cal Thomas ends by urging us to Good “help for Afghan women” and to contribute to any organization that will help the women in that country who so badly need this help. I heartily agree.

Thanks again to Cal Thomas and to The Post-Journal for this column.

Marsula Guarino