Randolph Shows True Holiday Spirit

We shouldn’t have been surprised by the response of Randolph residents in the wake of a fire that destroyed the parish hall at Grace Episcopal Church.

It was only three years ago when we saw how village residents came together after a tornado ripped through the Cattaraugus County village. There is still something heartening to see churches in the Randolph area come together to help Grace Episcopal Church in the wake of a fire that destroyed the church’s parish hall on Oct. 20.

Quick action by Rev. Tom Broad saved the church sanctuary – which is where the congregation has continued to worship after the fire. Grace Episcopal Church is the oldest standing church in its original location in the Randolph area, with its cornerstone laid in 1879. The parish hall, which housed Grace Episcopal Church’s offices, kitchen and restrooms, was built in the 1950s and was destroyed by the Oct. 20 fire. The congregation is working to raise money install temporary facilities while members rebuild the parish hall.

Grace Episcopal Church members aren’t alone, however, as they rebuild their building. A twice yearly fundraiser hosted by several of the churches typically raises money for outreaches projects, charities and various missions projects. One of those benefits held Saturday will be given to Grace Episcopal Church. All Randolph area churches are involved to one degree or another in the benefit, but the ones involved the most are: Randolph United Presbyterian Church, East Randolph United Methodist Church and St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. Those who couldn’t attend the benefit on Saturday can send donations to Grace Episcopal Church, 21 N. Washington St., Randolph, NY 14772.

It isn’t a Saturday, but thumbs up to the people of Randolph for giving us one more reason to be thankful as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. What is happening in Randolph is an example of the type of society in which we should all want to live.