Cassadaga Board Talks Progress Of Well Project

CASSADAGA – A recent Cassadaga Village Board meeting began with a splash as board members discussed the outcome of the village well. Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said the village is “not co-mingling the water supply” and the water from the well is “not going into the Great Lakes.”

Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe and Lazarony scheduled a meeting to tour the water project and discuss sharing water.

Engineer Greg McCoricall said the contractors were scheduled to “disinfect the water.”

“The well site is progressing and the well pumps actually turn on and pump water,” he said.

Board members hope the water situation will be resolved soon.

Lazarony said she went to the recent school board meeting and “extended her hand” to offer help on the property issue regarding the former Cassadaga Elementary School.

“I felt unwelcomed,” she said about a June school board meeting where the building was discussed. “I had no voice.”

The school closed down and the school board has to decide whether to sell, give away, or lease the property.

Lazarony said if they lease the building it will need to be restored to its original form.

The building is zoned as a school and if it were to change the zoning would need to be changed. For now, it will be used as an emergency shelter for evacuation if the village needs it.