Hopefully Legislators Hear Taxpayers

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am not surprised. The County Legislature again voting to increase the burden on taxpayers rather than privatize the county home should come as no surprise.

There have been three comments or explanations why the legislators were voting against selling and none of them make any sense. The first “It’s the wrong buyer” surely this legislator could tell us what characteristics of the right buyer would be, although during the last vote she was very quiet and voted No anyway.My personal favorite is The legislator who says “the Majority of my Constituents are in favor of keeping it here” Has there been any proposal that would move the county home from Dunkirk? I wonder if the question was Would you like to see the county home become a growing vital part of the community, expanding services and paying taxes or a continued burden for taxpayers how the citizens of Dunkirk would have polled.

The final being the legislator who says ” it is not about cost but caring for each other” REALLY is this saying all of our seniors in LSS, Heritage and the numerous other private homes are not receiving proper care?

This is about professional politicians and the fact that they no longer care about the taxpayer. County Legislators are small potatoes in the scope of Professional politicians, but at the state level we Received the S.A.F.E. act Which should be noted that while the Governor had it ready to go the Senate and the House had to take it up without discussion and pass it in the night.

That’s How we got the Affordable care act, both of these laws say more about Professional Politicians pursuing their agenda.

We should repeal both laws whether they have any redeeming paragraphs or not based solely on the way the were passed.

Hopefully many of the county legislators will here the taxpayer at the ballot box next Tues. no matter what office they are running for Unfortunately too many are unopposed.

Jim Walker