Legal Records


JULY 8, 2013

Schnabel Engineering of NY, by Schnabel-Lachel Engineering PC.

Roceit Science Solutions, by Repeat Business Systems Inc.

Rowlands & Barranca Agency, by Brown & Brown of NY Inc.

Assure Child Care, by Adults & Childrens Risk Purchasing Group Inc.

Prestiga Funding, by ASTA Funding Inc.

Amsterdam of Suffolk, by Amsterdam 2012 Inc.

Target Specialty Products, by JC Ehrlich Co. Inc.

Diamond Envy, by Finesse Diamond Corp.

Game Ready, by Coolsystems Inc.

ECO Power, by Glacial Energy of NY.

MOBILEXUSA, by American Diagnostics Services Inc.

MMS Group, by Madonna Management Services Inc.

Laser Technology Systems, by OFS Inc.

Depuy Synthes Trauma, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Booksource, by GL Group Inc.

Bigfoot Specialty Services, by Lincoln Moving & Storage of Buffalo Inc.

Depuy Synthes Spine, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Depuy Synthes CMF, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Codman Neuro, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Depuy Snythes Biomaterials, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Depuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Depuy Synthes Power Tools, by Depyt Synthes Sales Inc.

EMEDO Co., by Tricor Direct Inc.

EMEDO, by Tricor Direct Inc.

EMED, by Tricor Direct Inc.

Summit Behavioral Pediatric Clinic, by Summit Educational Resources Inc.

Stockton Grill, by Stockton Grill & Tavern Inc.

NGKF Hotels, by Newmark & Co. Real Estate Inc.

NGKF Capital Markets, by Newmark & Co. Real Estate Inc.

Depuy Synthes Mitek, by Depuy Synthes Sales Inc.

North Eastern States Energy, by North Eastern States Inc.

Brown & Brown Northwest, by Brown & Brown of Oregon Inc.

Arborscape, 36 Watson Ave., Westfield, by Gary A. Peck.

We-Me Property Maintenance & Landscaping, 311 Allen St., Jamestown, by William D. Troutman.


JULY 9, 2013

Snapper Shuler Kenner Insurance Agency, by Brown & Brown of Washington Inc.

Policyoptions, by P O Insurance Services Inc.

Finger Lakes Craft Malts, by NY Malting Co. Inc.

Health Republic, by Freelancers Health Service Corp.

Compassionate Home Care of NY, by Comapssionate Home Care of NY Inc.

Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, by Pernix Sleep Inc.

Big L Windows & Doors, by Big L Distributors Inc.

Stauber-NY, by Pharmline Inc.

Prevost Car, by Provost Car US Inc.

Nestle Professional Beverages, by Vitality Foodservice Inc.

M N M Zumba, 6 Cedar St., Forestville, by Michelle L. Maggio and Marcie E. Martin.

Healthcare Partners of NY, by Heritage NY IPA Inc.

Healtcare Partners of NY, by Heritage Northeast Medical Management Inc.

WSP, by WSP USA Inc.

Burr & Temkin, by Burr & Temkin South Inc.

UBDDS, by University Dental Practice Services Inc.

Lincoln Motor Co., Ford Motor Co.

AC Lens, by Arlington Contact Lens Service Inc.

Haller Enterprises, by Colony Hardware Corp.

Dave Johnson Agency, by DJI Group Inc.

Kay Chemical Co., by Ecolab Inc.

Jenns Lake Service, by Rays Lake Service Inc.

Water Street Brass, by Jamestown Furniture Hardware Corp.

Lascala, by Mona Seagren Enterprises Inc.

Gabelli & Co., by G Research Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of NY, by Coca-Cola Refreshments USA Inc.

Robson Auctioneering, 30 Academy St., Mayville, by Thomas A. Robson.


JULY 10, 2013

Lightower Fiber Networks, by Neon Optica Inc.

Reverse Lending Networks, by JTL Holdings Corp.

Dayton Metal Products, by Hopes Windows PC.

ACR Health, by Aids Community Resources Inc.

SIG, by Specialty Insurance Group Inc.

Mash Care Networks, by Innovative Health Services of America Inc.

Impac Lending, by Excel Mortgage Servicing Inc.

Corsearch, by CT Corporation System.

Infinite Energy Gas & Electric, by Infinate Energy Inc.

BBMI Angus, by Bissell-Babcock Millwork Inc.

Flag Insurance Services, by CRC Insurance Services Inc.

Pet-Connect Puppy Phone, by Ickovic & Bliss Co.

Milk House Farms, 4128 Beck Rd., Jamestown, by David E. Dibble.

AJ Genco Machine Shop Machinery Readout Service, by Master Machine Inc.

Eriecycle, by IDS Virtual Depot Inc.

Ellis Clowes North America, by Epsilon Global Inc.

Nalco Champion An Ecolab Co., by Nalco Co.

Entrust Energy, by North Eastern States Inc.

Storybook Pagents, 10 Henry St., Silver Creek, by Tami N. Shomper.

Miss Gay Chautauqua County, 34 Burtch St., Jamestown, by Jason A. Perdue.

Steelie Bros. Fly Shop, 2313 Chapin Rd., Silver Creek, by Jacob J. Braxton.


JULY 12, 2013

Jamestown Urban Farmer, 414 Park St., Jamestown, by Talitha M. Mascelli and Christopher J. Mascelli.


JULY 15, 2013

Triple Clean & Shine, 101 Lakeview Ave., Apt. 6, Jamestown, by Julie E. Ditonto.

Rusty Putters, by Beavertail Bar-B-Q & Catering Inc.

ICS Telecom, by Frontrunner Network Systems Corp.

Oppenheimerfunds, by Oppenheimerfunds Distributors Inc.

Firstservice Residential, by Firstservie Residential NY Inc.

Double A Transportation, 6641 Webster Rd., Portland by Richard L. Aanerud.

Zumba With Janet, 971 Central Ave., Dunkirk, by Janet A. Kozlowski.


JULY 16, 2013

Fluvanna Bait & Outdoors, 215 Fluvanna Ave., Jamestown, by Kody L. Cordosi.


JULY 18, 2013

Reptile Realm, 23 W. 3rd St., Jamestown, by Mark E. Jukes.


JULY 19, 2013

Smartedge, by Building Controls & Services Inc.

OFI Global Asset Management, by Oppenheimerfunds Distributor Inc.

Matt Hughes Construction, 12269 Angel Rd., Silver Creek, by Matthew D. Hughes.

Studio 64, 16 E. Main St., Brocton, by Courtney M. Ransom.

Steve Badgley Photography, 232 Prospect St., Jamestown, by Steve M. Badgley.

All Things Creative, 652 Barrows St., Jamestown, by Sara F. Jones.


JULY 22, 2013

Ultralink Communications, 19 Winchester Rd., Lakewood, by Joseph M. Troche.

Amherst Exterminators, 1007 Brigham Rd., Dunkirk, by Ken Drummond and Richard Crandall.

Ebenger Farm, 2182 Edson Rd., Sinclairville, by Lukas A. Emmott and Rebecca L. Emmott.

Masked Productions, 107 Hotchkiss St., Jamestown, by Shannon M. Nixon.

Barnyard Picnic Corral, 7661 Aldrich Hill Rd., Cherry Creek, by Laura J. Roth.


JULY 24, 2013

Four Brothers Landscaping, 7 Marsden St., Dunkirk, by Michael N. Braxton.


JULY 25, 2013

Wanderlove Photography, 2613 Straight Rd., Fredonia, by Aaron M. Stone and Meaghan W. Farnham.


JULY 26, 2013

Disability Rights NY, by Disability Advocates Inc.

OFI Global Asset Management, by OFI Global Institutional Inc.

Oppenheimerfunds, by OFI Global Asset Management Inc.

Valley Bottle & Can Recycling, Rt. 322, South Dayton, by Amanda I. Elsholz.


JULY 29, 2013

Damcott Services, 3639 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Sherman, by David M. Damcott.

Snow Hardwood Floor Sanding, 13 Warren Rd., Frewsburg, by Ryan C. Snow.


JULY 30, 2013

JP Realty, 16 Vega St., Jamestown, by Juan Pacheco Jr.


JULY 31, 2013

Metropolitan Hospitality, by The Metropolitan Companies Inc.

ABA Works Autism Clinic, by Summit Educational Resources Inc.

Cantanese Critters, 6958 Barnes Rd., Stockton, by Betty J. Cantanese and Jeremy A. Cantanese.

Walnut Falls Home Repair, 18 Academy, Forestville, by Scott P. Halpainy.

Kelly Drago Law Offices, 500 Pine St., Ste.4, Jamestown, by Kelly Drago Amatuzzo.