Pine Grove Transmission Celebrates Five Years

Pine Grove Transmission recently put in an expanded bay which can fit 30-foot vehicles inside as it celebrates its five-year anniversary of being in business.

Before the expansion, the garage could only fit two cars. Tim Finch, owner of Pine Grove Transmission Service, said while he knew he would someday expand his business, he never thought it would be in just five years.

Finch hails from Russell, Pa., and has worked on cars since he was 16 or 17. He went to Southwestern Central School before he received his technical education at the Hewes Center in Ashville. He worked with transmissions for 25 years for other shops and dealerships before opening up his own five years ago.

“From the first transmission shop I was at, I was into it, and I stuck with it,” Finch said. “I like the fact not many people can do it. When everything goes great, it’s a great job.”

Pine Grove Transmission draws customers from New York and Pennsylvania. It fixes transmissions, so cars can continue to bring their passengers to their destinations safely. The business caters to all makes and models of vehicles, including classic cars, to keep them running on the road. Kyle Jackson helps Finch with this work.

“Most of my work comes from refurbished public rides in Jamestown,” he said. “So, once they get to know you and trust you, they send me all their transmission to get done.”

Fixing transmissions can be tricky work, and Finch said he learns something new every day on the job. His job includes an overhaul. “I tear them down. Replace seals and bands, anything else that is broken,” he said. This can take from three to five business days, and warranties last 12 months or 12,000 miles for overhauls.

It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closing for lunch from noon until 1 p.m. It is located on 573 Kiantone Road in Jamestown, and it can be reached at 922-4077.