Elardo, Riley, Adams Shoot 700s To Lead Area Bowling

It was a great day for scoring in the Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company on Friday, topped by Jim Elardo’s 235-267-201-703 effort.

Ken Riley shot a 256-701 and Jon Adams a 268-700 in the El Azteca Mixed Couples League at State Lanes.

Lisa Adams pounded out a 225-602 series at State Lanes in the El Azteca Mixed Couples League

Dave Woodfield Sr., just missed the 700 mark with 283-235-225-693, Al Conklin also drilled a 212-225-245-682 and Jim Rissel connected for 204-212-237-653 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Joe Halovich dropped 245-227-689 and Eric Truver a 224-268-685 for Townline Auto in the Shawbucks/Bel-View East League at JBC.

Theresa Jackson spun a 219-581 in the Mixed Couples League at JBC.

Steve Dame came up with a 257 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Howard McInytre Sr. 206-564, Cliff Carlson 212-552, Mike Barton 208-531, John Kotlar 525, Don Bengston 502, Carol Mills 467, Sharon Dowd 400, Barb Conklin 400.

Shawbucks/Bel-View East League – Tim Whitmore 244-632, T. J. Weimer 621, Jeff Territo 224-612, Steve Dame 580.

Mixed Couples League – George Pierce 246-205-649, John Van Horn 630, Thomas Jackson

State Lanes: El Azteca Mixed Couples League -Jon Adams 221-602, Steve Wallace 220-600, Bonita Wallace 502, June Hillman 211-501, Becky Donisi 499, Jamie Hall 476.

El Azteca Mixed Couples League – Steve Wallace 224-637, Bonita Wallace 502, Jamie Hall 500.