Optical Scanners Are Troublesome

To The Reader’s Forum:

I went to vote on the new machines that are mandated because the citizens, and some not citizens, of Florida were incapable of using paper ballots. There’s typical government logic: if some people experience difficulty with a system then let’s make it mandatory for everyone in the country to experience the same difficulty.

These vastly superior optical scanners are supposed to reduce voter fraud. If these scanners are supposed to reduce voter fraud why does the ink from one side of the paper ballot bleed thru and come awfully close to filling in the circle on the opposite side of the ballot causing me to vote for someone I do not want in elected office?

I had conversations with several polling monitors regarding my displeasure with the failures of this year’s paper ballots. I was told that mine is not the only complaint that they received today regarding the ink bleeding thru the ballot. I was offered another ballot but what good would that do? If I want to avoid accidentally voting for someone I would have to forgo voting on the propositions. Either that or I will have to use two different ballots, one for each side of the ballot. I’m sure that is standard practice in Chicago and certain other areas of the country, but western New York is supposed to be a little more traditional – one person, one ballot.

I get more disgusted with government every day!

Robert Harvey