A Day Of Remembrance

To The Reader’s Forum:

The 50th anniversary, of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination and untimely death on November 22, 1963, inspiring our hearts forever.

“He belongs to the country,” Jacqueline Kennedy had said, expressing her wish to have the President laid to rest in the National Cemetery at Arlington rather than in the family plot in Massachusetts.

More than that: he belonged to the world.

Monarchs, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, had flooded into Washington from five continents the day before, when all bells tolled, for the moment when king and commissar, Frenchman and Ethiopian, South American and Asian, would alike follow John F. Kennedy’s black caisson to the funeral on foot. Countless Americans across the land – how many millions no one will ever know – had switched off their sets and gone, in silence, to their own churches and temples, to pray.

Let November 22, 2013, mark a day of remembrance as we attend our personal house of choice, in prayer,across America and elsewhere, pray for a family, that, symbolizes a moment of change not because of what they did, but of who they were.

President Kennedy who challenged the power of darkness who was composed and unafraid. We came to share in his death. There were no souring acids in his spirit. A zealous crusader and missioner who knew he was going.

Mary Christine McNamara