Tea Party Rejection Continues

To The Reader’s Forum:

We’ve seen an array of extremist tea party candidates during election cycles recently. They have for the most part been soundly rejected by the voting public.

Their platform has been highlighted by war on women, minorities, gay rights, voting rights. the poor, the middle class, the hungry, including children, the uninsured, a living wage and the unemployed.

The “parade” began with locally supported candidate Carl Paladino who was rejected and embarrassed by voters in our state, in that governor’s race.

2010 “losers” included Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Ken Burke, who were joined last year by Joe Walsh and Allen West whose extreme agendas were also rejected.

Tuesday’s Virginia governor’s race although close, spelled defeat for tea party extremist Ken Cuccinelli. His defect was due in part to angry women voters, and the costly misconception that the Obamacare rollout would help. In fact only 24 percent of voters felt healthcare was their priority – it was lack of jobs, and the Republican and tea party’s lack of concern for job growth that spelled defeat.

In New Jersey, moderate gov. Christie easily won re-election over his tea party opponent, and solidified the governor’s position for a run in 2016.

The moderate Republican in Alabama defeated his birther tea party opponent in a special runoff election for next year’s House seat election.

The extremist faction within the tea party, hopefully a minority, has been rejected in election after election, clearly demonstrating that the American electorate isn’t buying what they’re selling.

Sam Sabino