‘O Tannenbaum’

You might have found yourself whistling the holiday tune, “O Christmas Tree” if you were in downtown Jamestown on Tuesday morning.

Crews from the city Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department, the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities and Lake Shore Paving placed this year’s city Christmas tree onto Tracy Plaza. The Christmas tree, a Norway spruce, was harvested from city-owned property on Camp Street, and was then transported through the city for display at Tracy Plaza.

Dan Stone, city arborist, said the city usually receives a donated tree from a local resident for the Christmas display. However, he said the tree for this year was noticed while working in the city.

“We came upon a tree during a sewer repair project that needed to be done on the top of Camp Street,” Stone said. “We saw the tree and knew it would have to come down. This way we were able to utilize the tree instead of just cutting it down.”

Once downtown, a BPU crane was used to hoist the tree from a flatbed on Third Street on to Tracy Plaza. Stone said the tree was 65 feet tall, which they whittled down to 45 feet.

“They will start decorating it (today) using 2,500 LED lights, twinkle lights and a really big star,” he said.