County Home Vote Was Too Political

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was flabbergasted when I learned that our County Legislature had turned down the sale of the county home by one vote! Even was more confused when I read the objections the opponents to the sale offered for their actions. Of course “politics” was one. Another was “concern about the purchaser.”

My understanding is the purchaser guaranteed that physically nothing about the property or staff would change. No jobs would be lost and employees would continue to offer the same quality service and care to their patients. Perhaps even more services would be available. But, most importantly he guaranteed with a cash (million dollar) deposit to pay the county, in cash, for the home. His credentials and operations of his facilities exceeded that of most Nursing Homes.

So what is the concern? All of the legislators at one time, or now, were “political” candidates for the office. What did they guarantee the voter? They can offer only word and promises, backed up by delays of any action, talk … and more talk … and criticism of their political opponents.

As a taxpayer and voter “my concern” is more about “political” candidates who want to legislate or aspire to a permanent office in county government. I am afraid the failure to sell the home will become an economic disaster in the near future for our county and taxpayers.

Still concerned,

Leo A. Wilcox