Abraham Lincoln Inspires The Golden Abe Award At Lincoln

Lincoln Elementary School is using their namesake, Abraham Lincoln, to honor staff with a special award. The Golden Abe Award recognizes any staff member at the school for a job well done.

Mrs. Russo decided to start the Golden Abe Award because many years ago, as a teacher, she won an “Apple of the Week” award through a local television station and remembered how much that honor meant to her.

“I began the Golden Abe Award to let staff know that we see what a great job they are doing at Lincoln School. Whether it is a teacher, school nurse, paraprofessional or cafeteria worker, we are all working together to make Lincoln School an incredible place for children to learn,” said Mrs. Russo. “We are trying to instill a school-wide culture, through our PBIS program, of loving and helping so we not only want to recognize students for their good work but also staff members.”

Mrs. Russo chose the first winner, school nurse Carla Stringer. The honoree is broadcast on the morning announcements listing the reasons why they were chosen. The staff member who was honored chooses the next winner. The honorees also receive an Abraham Lincoln statue, as well as a traditional hat that travels with the honoree to his or her workspace. The winner’s photo and brief biography is featured on a bulletin board in the main hallway.

“The Golden Abe Award also gives students the opportunity to know all the staff better, and they are stopping me in the hallway to find out who the next winner will be,” said Mrs. Russo. “We want to show our students, staff and parents that we have a dedicated staff who care about making Lincoln the best school it can be and the Golden Abe Award is just one way to do it.”