‘Eleanor Evermore’

Two Infinity Visual and Performing Arts students have created a tangible piece of artwork to share with the community.

SYMBA’s Hayley Restivo and Ryan Hawkins celebrated the release of their first album Friday at the Infinity Arts Cafe.

To commemorate the occasion, the duo enlisted the support of several other Infinity students, including: Zac Ricker, keys, piano and vibraphone; Josh Reuter, percussion, bass and vocals; and Caelan Register, guitar, backup vocals, bass and ukulele. The group performed, in succession, the entirety of the 10-track album.

“It feels really good,” Restivo said. “We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this – we’re very proud of ourselves.”

“It feels awesome,” Hawkins added. “Now we can spread our music to the world.”

Although the duo are quite satisfied with how well the album turned out, in particular Restivo and Hawkins agreed that their favorite tune is track 9, “Hold The Moon.”

“I wrote the lyrics and Ryan wrote the bassline, and I think combined with vocals it sums up what we stand for – it’s everything that SYMBA is supposed to sound like,” Restivo said.

According to Shane Hawkins, executive director for Infinity, the duo worked for more than a year to complete the album. It’s cool to see them on stage to celebrate their diligence, she said.

“This is what we’re supposed to do for kids – it’s exactly what we’re here for,” Shane said. “They took it and ran with it.”

SYMBA’s producer, Cliff Obrist, a 2008 SUNY Fredonia graduate who serves as an instructor at Infinity, recorded, mixed and mastered the album at Infinity Studios.

“I’m definitely proud of how it turned out,” Obrist said. “My favorite song is probably ‘Surround Me’ because there’s a lot of instrumentation on it.”

Now that the duo have reached a crescendo, the next steps they take are likely to determine the future of their musical careers. According to Restivo, the plan is to continue talks with record labels, and to consider adding permanent members to the band.

“We couldn’t do it without the support of the community and the more experienced musicians of the Jamestown scene,” Restivo said. “Without their support and advice we would not be here.”

For more information, visit www.infinityperformingarts.org or search for “SYMBA” on Facebook.