Editor’s Note

Drivers are guiding their cars along a snowy street just outside my apartment at the moment. If they chance a glance at my porch – which they probably shouldn’t considering the conditions – they’ll see a home decorated for Halloween.

As I’m typing these words, the final hours of Veterans Day are passing. The middle of November is staring me in the face, and Thanksgiving isn’t far behind. Yet, the Halloween decorations haven’t spooked themselves into storage.

In recent years, I’ve laughed while driving by homes decorated for Halloween in December or for Christmas in February. This time, people can laugh at me. I deserve it.

Maybe I should trim the amount of time I spend watching YouTube videos or reruns on Netflix. I won’t argue with that suggestion, but spending time on the couch requires no motivation. Going outside in the cold and yanking down decorations, however, takes at least a little energy – which can be hard to find at the end of a long day.

There’s a bag in the backseat of my car filled with gym shoes and workout clothes. It has sat there, untouched, for the past three weeks. I intended to go to the gym several times in that time span – just like I planned to have my Halloween decorations hidden down in the basement by now.

While working through obstacles in my professional and personal lives, I’ve let other tasks slip down to the bottom of my priority list. In less than two months, I’ll aim to change that tendency with a New Year’s resolution.

I’ll probably say, “This year, I’m not going to procrastinate so much at home.” Then, February will come around, and Santa Claus will still be smiling in my front yard.