Postcard Mailings Unlike Croscut

To the Readers’ Forum:

I have known Fred Croscut for over 40 years. I owned a business on Main Street in Sherman where Fred operated his dairy farm and my dealings with Fred were nothing but honorable.

I also served on the Sherman School board for 14 years alongside Fred. there were many decisions over the years which affected th students, staff and taxpayers and Fred always worked diligently to keep their interests in the forefront.

Of his many qualities displayed as a public servant, the one I most admired was his ability to give a direct answer or opinion and then continue to honor that commitment.

For these reasons I feel there is no way Fred Croscut would in any way be behind the mailing of the postcards during the recent campaign. That is absolutely not his style.

Further, and more importantly, it would be sad if the years spent in community service by Fred were to be tarnished in anyway by this incident.

Herb Rice

Bemus Point