Days Gone By

CHARLOTTE CENTER – A landmark in Charlotte Center was demolished Thursday – the old Grange hall. Granges became very popular after the Civil War as a place for people to gather socially for dances, dinners and festivities. The Grange hall in Charlotte Center was one of them. The original Grange hall building burned and the one there now was moved from North Hill more than 100 years ago, by placing it on logs and rolling it to its location. The hall has not been used in more than 40 years, and efforts were made to keep it repaired, but stopped. Art Anderson from Sinclairville remembers when he used to attend dances at the hall. The late Lillian Fredrickson Washington used to talk about the basketball games held in the hall when she attended the old Cassadaga High School in the 1930s. The only “residents” of the building were a swamp of bees in the upper front corner on the south side of the building. The bees had their winter sleep disturbed, but soon became sluggish in the 37-degree temperature. Fond are the many memories associated with the Grange.