Casinos: Money Takers, Not Makers

To The Reader’s Forum:

“Yipee!” is the cry from the Big Apple. “Yipee, we are getting some casinos over our way.”

We should be crying “ahh, ugh,..sigh”. Why should our cry differ from theirs? Because what has happened here is the tolerence of at least seven (and soon to be more) casinos in New York state. The deception is that these casinos are hypocritically poised as “money makers” wherein they are actually “money takers”. Here goes your tax burden up up up.

You see, for every tax dollar the state takes in from casinos, it costs nine dollars to repair the damages done. What damage? Increased police are needed, increased hospital, increased drunkeness, increased crime, broken homes, increased assault, need for increased counseling centers (gambling, alcohol, abuse,family, etc. etc.). The list goes on.

But the bottom line is that your taxes will rise as a result of casinos any place in the state. If you voted yes, you have been played as a sucker for the fat cats on top while you have also raised your own tax burden.

Dr. Donald V. Erickson

Lighthouse Baptist Church