Taxpayers Spoke Loud And Clear

To The Reader’s Forum:

The failed County Home sale vote is a classic example as to why our county taxes are so high. Not one of the naysayers who voted no had an intelligent reason for doing so. In fact some of the reasons for voting no were embarrassing even to read.

The cost to the taxpayers of Chautauqua County is $7,000 to $9,000 per day depending on the day. Not one Legislator could argue that the quality of care would decrease if the home were sold to a private provider. A couple legislators commented that they voted no because the majority of their constituents did not approve of the sale. Who are your constituents anyway? Let’s see, let me guess.

I personally would like we the taxpayers to have more opportunities to vote on spending issues. Since we are paying the bill I think we should have more input as to how our money is spent. This could be done in the form of a Proposition. I also feel that we would be less inclined to be influenced by certain interest groups. However when mentioned to some representatives the answer is “It would be too expensive”. I guess it’s OK though to spend about $9,000 a day on a business that runs a serious deficit and charge it to the taxpayers. Something is drastically wrong with this picture.

This November we have the perfect opportunity to send a message to our elected officials regardless of your political preferences. Taxation without representation has to stop. The only people who can control the Juggernaut are the voting taxpayers. A non vote is vote for business as usual.

Bruce A. Piatz