Sinclairville Senior Citizens Hold Thanksgiving Luncheon

SINCLAIRVILLE – The Sinclairville Senior Citizens meet once a month on the second Tuesday at noon in the Sinclairville Firehall dining room for a luncheon and program. The group met recently for their annual Thanksgiving luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Diman Smith, and their daughter Ivory provided the turkey, the homemade stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the turnips and the gravy for the meal. Those attending brought dishes of food to add to the main menu including salads, special recipes and many pies for desserts. There was ample amounts for all to enjoy. Past president Elaine Palmer-Titus gave the blessing prior to the luncheon giving thanks for our wonderful harvest of food and remembering those who are standing in need. A special thanks was given to the Diman family for all of their efforts, which included providing festive table decorations.

Election of officers was held. Margie McIntyre will serve as the president in 2014, with Titus as the vice president. Claudia Wittenbrook will serve as the treasurer, and John Sipos will keep the minutes of the meetings. Betty Wielgasz will serve as the sunshine chairman. The door prize was won by Irene Moll. Other gift prizes were awarded to Jim and Fran Odell, Eloise Putnam, Moll, Diman Smith, Tom Alford, Louisa Smith, Beverly Higgs, Wielgasz, Winston and Valerie Bartholomew, McIntyre, Martha Harmon, Ivory Smith, Linda Parmenter and Marian Culver.

The program today was a narrative with a show of photographs of the recent anniversary tour to Hawaii by Winston and Valerie Barmore Bartholomew. The Bartholomew’s celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on July 4, and so the entire family took a tour to Hawaii. The Bartholomews were residents of Hawaii for more than 20 years from 1949-69 when Winston served in the United States Navy. Mrs. Bartholomew showed some necklaces that she had purchased some 50 years ago in Hawaii which were made of shells. Her husband conducted the photographic show during the program. A fine program was enjoyed by all.

The next meeting of the group will be on the second Tuesday in December at noon in the Sinclairville Firehall dining room. Ham will be provided and all those attending are asked to bring a dish of food to pass and their own table service. Christmas gifts will be given to all those attending, and John and Susan Sipos will be shopping for the gifts. A musical program is being planned. New members are always welcome.