Relevant Words From 1961

To The Reader’s Forum:

Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote truths in 1961 that are just as relevant today.

“Socialism is the antithesis of Christianity. It is urged by people who have lost faith in God and the power of their religion to motivate men, and who have resorted to government and coercive power of the State as a substitute. Christianity would allow each man to have the use of all he earns. This encourages capital expansion, greater production, more jobs, less poverty and increased well being. Christianity also teaches each man voluntarily to share the results of his success with those who are less fortunate.” – N.Y. Journal American, May 7, 1961.

Today, free enterprise has been retarded by the cronyism of big business and big government. Giant bureaucracies may have good intentions but the costs exceed the meager benefits.

John Beckerink