CLRA Women’s Masters 4+ Boat Captures Gold Medal At Fairport

The Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association competed in three additional rowing regattas to close out the competitive portion of the season.

The second race of the season was the Lift Bridge Regatta at Fairport. The course, the longest of the season at 5,400 meters, takes place on the Erie Canal.

Two boats were sent to compete in the women’s masters 4+ event. The boat of Nicki Saxman, Stephanie Hall, Ali Odrzywolski, Erin Leone and coxswain Lane Tomassini finished first and won gold. That was in spite of the second-place age handicap adjustment of one minute and no handicap for the CLRA women.

The boat of Doreen Loll, Jan Odrzywolski, Diane Paterniti, Maureen Mack and coxswain Jim Odrzywolski finished third. but did not earn a medal. Only the first two boats were awarded medals.

The following weekend, the CLRA competed on the Genesee River at through the heart of Rochester. Two boats once again made the trip – women’s masters 4+ and a mixed 8+.

A boat from the West Side Rowing Club 4+, with a handicap of 30 seconds, was able to just edge the boat of Nicki Saxman, Stephanie Hall, Ali Odrzywolski, Erin Leone and coxswain Lane Tomassini by two seconds. The CLRA won silver for its efforts.

The mixed 8 boat was comprised of Katie Teeters, Sarah Thompson, Colleen Wright, Jim Odrzywolski, Diane Paterniti, Doreen Loll, Kathie McCarthy, Maureen Mack and coxswain Libby Wright. Typically mixed boats have equal numbers of men and women rowers. This boat was able to finish fifth overall.

For the final event of the fall season, the master’s group traveled to Buffalo to race on the Black Rock Canal under the Peace Bridge.

First to race was the mixed 8+ with the CLRA combining with the West Side club to form a boat.

The rowers competing for CLRA were Ali Odrzywolski, Stephanie Hall, Kathie McCarthy, Jim Odrzywolski and coxswain Lane Tomassini. The combined CLRA boat beat the West Side boat handily winning the race.

For the final event, the women’s 8 comprised of Katie Teeters, Jan Odrzywolski, Colleen Wright, Stephanie Hall, Ali Odrzywolski, Doreen Loll, Diane Paterniti, Maureen Mack and coxswain Libby Wright, took to the water. In spite of a solid effort, they wound fourth overall.

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