Boys & Girls Club Indoor Soccer

The Angels defeated the Red Dragons. 4-3.

Ben Anderson led the Angels with three goals and Taylor Rowin had one. The winning goalies were Luis Rodriguez, Duane Rosenow and Darianna Barr.

Luke Delong, Eiam Cooley and Emily coy scored for the Red Dragons. Their goalies were Carter Rishel, Cooley, Mykayla Morse, and Haylee French.

– – –

The Green Lanterns defeated the Blue Sharks 3-1, as Darien Butts, Bishop Butts and Julian McGaughy scored the goals.

The Green Lantern goalies were McGaughy, Jaimen Johnson and Darien Butts.

Queens King scored the goal for the Blue Sharks, who had Colin Swindell, King, Marshall Hale and Jacob Constantino in goal.

– – –

Jack Carlson scored both goals as the Black Lightning defeated the Blue Jays 2-1.

Avery Thagard, Jericho Thagard and Ieyasu Holland were in goal for the winners.

Angie Tubs scored for the Blue Jays, who had Zaporah Sparrow, Angie Tubbs, Betty Jo Tubbs and Conner Retterer in goal.

– – –

The Red Devils defeated the Green Grasshoppers, 3-2.

Marcus Merced scored two goals and Rowan Greco one for the Red Devils. The goalies were Jenna Jaroszynski, Aidan Goyco, Jorge Goyco and Margo Greco.

The Green Grasshoppers goalies were Morgan Darling, Cody Delcamp, Alexis Hughan, Antonie Rodriguez and its goals were scored by Adam Powell and Marissa Quionones.

– – –

The Black Bandits defeated the Red Firecrackers, 3-2.

The winning goalies were Aijon Scott and Eligh DeLeon. Justin Martin scored two goals and Nicholas Martin one.

The Red Firecrackers goalies were Adino Neikip, Isaiah Snow and Isaiah Figueroa while Adino Neikip and Julian Hultin scored goals.

— –

Madison Hill and Michael Carlson each scored two goals as the Blue Monsters defeated the Green Hornets, 6-1.

The winning goalies were Kevin Zayas-Madera, Kevianed Zayas-Madera and Carlson.

The Green Hornets goalies were Trenton Painter, Kellen Allen, and Cyles Gifford and Allen scored a goal.