WCA Saved My Life

To the Readers’ Forum:

Through the years I’ve heard many bad stories about the WCA Emergency Room, long waits, poor care, etc. I want to share a different story with a happy ending.

On Friday, Sept. 20, at 10:30 p.m., I had chest pains. My wife, Joan, brought me to the WCA E.R. Upon arrival they rush me in with no wait. They gave me a nitro drip and and EKG. Dr. Faulk came in to see me within 15 minutes of my arrival and told me he was going to send me to UPMC Hamot immediately.

Within 30 minutes they had arranged transportation, communicated with UPMC Hamot about my condition and I was on my way to Erie. Upon my arrival at Hamot, Dr. Good looked at my chart and EKG and praised Dr. Faulk and WCA for their swift response.

I understand that there are different stories and experiences out there and those circumstances are different for each individual, but had it not been for Dr. Faulk and the staff of the WCA E.R., I would have died because of the severity of my condition.

Samuel Colera


AJ Texas Hots