The Resource Center Looking For Employers

The Resource Center is seeking employers looking to hire people with disabilities.

Mike Braxton, of The Resource Center enterprise development support staff, said The Resource Center has 400 workers to place in community-based employment.

”It is the wave of the future,” Braxton said. ”We are getting them into the community to help support their lives. There are opportunities for people with disabilities to work some place and be productive.”

The mission for employment services is to provide training, employment opportunities and support to assist adults with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining community employment. The Resource Center offer a full-range of support and services, including pre-employment services to enhance job-seeking skills and job readiness, job placement, case management, job coaching and job-retention services. The goal is to assist individuals in knowing the sense of pride, satisfaction and self-worth that come from earning real wages for performing meaningful work, Braxton said.

The Resource Center job coaches help with job-development skills and case-management support for each worker to assist the new employee at their new job location. The organization offers pre-vocational services to individuals with disabilities to help them with skills that are also non-job specific. The organization is working now with Clarke Boxit to take individuals there daily to assemble boxes and help them become accustomed to a community work environment.

”We teach them how to arrive to work on time, what to do during an interview, how to dress to go to work and how to deal with conflicts,” Braxton said.

”We take eight individuals to sites like Clarke Boxit and integrate them with the work setting.”

The Resource Center has a training room where they teach industrial sewing and soft work skills so businesses interested can hire already trained individuals.

Right now, Braxton said The Resource Center has 150 workers in supported employment working in the community, 120 employed at vocational service locations and 400 at their Jones and Gifford and Dunkirk locations.

”We need support from the community to hire them. To allow them to work for them,” he said.

Braxton said The Resource Center gives each disabled employee the choice of where they want to work.

”Whether it is in the community or not, it is their choice,” he said. ”Our long-term goal is to get everyone in the community.”