The Computer Den To Celebrate 10 Years

A Jamestown man will be celebrating the 10th year of his business in the coming months.

Rich Harris, the owner of The Computer Den in Jamestown, returned to the area a decade ago to start his business.

“I am originally from Randolph,” he said. “I went into the military, joined the Navy, spent 12 years in the Navy and then I moved back here.”

During that time, he worked as an aircraft technician where he worked on a wide variety of military aircraft. He also went to a variety of schools, taking courses in everything from electronics and computer systems to aeronautical engineering through an AVIC-7 school.

After being honorably discharged in 1988, he went to work in the scientific and medical laser industry. One day he found himself out of work, and he decided to move his family back home from Nevada in January 2004 before opening his shop in April of that year.

“This is my job,” he said. “I’ve been doing it all my life. … The important thing is to enjoy your job, and I’ve enjoyed it forever. This is second nature. This is me.”

“As far as the business goes, we have actually increased our thru-puts as far as amount of systems that we process every month,” Harris said. “The big things here as far as home PCs, stuff like that, we have a huge thing on a yearly basis as far as the average home use.”

Harris said the business does 20 to 30 personal computers in a week. Employees try to turn around computers in 24 to 48 hours – time which depends on their workload. Harris and his staff also do work at businesses, installing complete office systems and servers.

Harris said his staff looks at the computer at the same time as the customer, so both can be on the same page.

“Some of the big advantages we have is that if you brought in a computer, we can fire it up right here with you, go over it, instead of taking it behind a little magic curtain,” he said.

The Computer Den prides itself in its honesty with customers and not charging to look at systems.

Some services the business offer include the Clean Sweep, which backs up files on the computer before bringing it back to the day it was bought, removing anything which can hinder the operation of the computer in the process; free test station and diagnostics, where The Computer Den examines the computer, discuss possible solutions and help with software problems; one-hour services where the den offers full off-site services by qualified technicians; standard pick-up and drop-off service, an affordable alternative to off-site service repair; and data recovery, where The Computer Den can recover any data from a functional hard drive and burn it onto CDs or DVDs.

The Computer Den also sells both refurbished and custom-built systems. Their custom-built systems use a lot of name brand motherboards, and they look at the stability of systems, making sure everything in the system works with each other.

The Computer Den can be found at 178 Fluvanna Ave. in Jamestown. The business can be contacted at either 488-3018 or at It can be found online at