Open Up Medicaid To Those?Who Need It

To the Reader’s Forum:

Most everyone hates Obamacare. It would have been simpler just to put those uninsured/under insured on Medicaid. This way, many already pay into it someway or another.

I had an employer tell me once that I would more than likely qualify for it, since I didn’t work full-time and wasn’t making nearly enough. He stated that I was already paying into the system, so why not? And can you believe this employer still exists, one of the largest of its kind in the county? Medicaid said I didn’t qualify because it was a few hundred dollars out of their guidelines.

I could understand if my employer was a mom and pop shop and was struggling to keep itself alive in these trying times, but we’re talking about a business who has several funding streams and a massive spending budget. There are other bigger, massive corporations who advocate government healthcare we pay into.

So why not?

Franklin Casnov