Few Must Stop Ruling The Many

To The Reader’s Forum:

Time for the few to stop ruling the many, Agreed.

Its time for the few to stop telling us what health insurance we must buy, because they say its best.

Its time for “the few” to stop telling us what firearms are covered by the Second Amendment, because they deem them too dangerous.

Its time “the few” to stop not enforcing immigration laws, while illegal aliens take the jobs of millions of Americans who are already struggling to find work.

Its time for “the few” to stop pandering to the supposed poor that Republicans want to starve their children because they want to reign in waste and abuse of the system, while many of these people are better off than the working class, struggling to get by on two to three jobs.

Its time “the few” stop saying its wrong to drug test welfare recipients, when we have to take one to earn it for them.

Mr Howard, you said Republicans wanted to ruin the world economy? How about spending over a trillion dollars a year, we dont have and cant pay back? How is that not ruining the world economy?

Lets compare the federal budget to a household. It looks like this: Income = $21,700; Expenses = $38,200; New Debt = $16,500; Existing Debt = $142,710; and the sequester you brought up and said hurt so many people, cut $38.50. Now, you tell me how long this ride is going to last?

Colten Swan