Defense Takes Aim

MAYVILLE – Although the trial was adjourned earlier than usual Wednesday, Public Defender Nathaniel Barone got his message across to the jury: Keith Reed Jr. had an array of guns and ammunition stored in his house.

“There were a lot of guns in (Reed’s) spare bedroom,” said Deputy Todd Beckerink, a former member of the Ellicott Police Department forensic team who searched Reed’s house three days after the former Clymer Central School superintendent died in an apparent homicide on Sept. 21, 2012.

According to Beckerink, Reed had six long guns, four handguns and several boxes of ammunition; many of which were in a second-floor spare bedroom that Reed apparently used as a “huge closet.”

Police also found an empty holster in Reed’s bedroom nightstand and a handgun in a kitchen cupboard.

The defendant, Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti II, watched stone-faced as Barone had Beckerink verify the police photographs taken of Reed’s gun collection.

When questioned by Judge John T. Ward about the relevance of the photographs, Barone emphasized that the empty holster, in particular, was “extremely important” to the defense’s case, claiming that the police had taken these photos for a reason.

District Attorney David Foley cross-examined Beckerink, having him verify that all the handguns inside Reed’s house were still in their cases when found by police. The handgun in the kitchen was also inside a closed cupboard.

It is unclear whether Beckerink, the defense’s first and only witness Wednesday, will be Barone’s only witness for the entire trial.

Ward informed the jury that it will likely begin deliberating the case today.

Taglianetti is accused of driving 350 miles from Virginia to Clymer and killing Reed upon discovering an online affair between Reed and his wife.

The prosecution, which rested last week after calling 44 witnesses, attempted to formulate an evidence-based case that Taglianetti – in a violent, jealous rage – committed murder in cold blood.

Prior evidence included video footage of Taglianetti walking toward Reed’s office in Clymer Central School, an ATM receipt from a Virginia bank found near Reed’s body and blood stains on Taglianetti’s revolver that traced back to Reed.

The trial will begin its ninth day in Chautauqua County Court today at 9:30 a.m.