Ellicott Approves 4.9 Percent Tax Levy Hike

FALCONER-The Ellicott Town Board approved the 2014 final budget at its meeting Monday.

The budget increased the tax levy by 4.9 percent, an increase of $114,338 from 2013. The total to be raised by taxes, the tax levy, will be $2,333,950, and $1,647,894 will be expected in revenue. Citizens outside the town will have a tax rate of $4.98 per $1,000 of assessed value, and citizens in Falconer and Celoron will have a tax rate of $4.41 per $1,000. The total budget is $3,981,844 for 2014.

On Oct. 21, a public hearing was held to discuss Local Law 2-2013, authorizing the Ellicott Town Council, if they should so choose, to override the 2 percent property tax cap imposed by New York. No public comments were heard. The board approved the override of the 2 percent tax cap with Councilman Robert Heintzelman voting against the override.

Marvin Shellhouse, highway superintendent, reported Ellicott Highway Department intended to begin work on the Horton Road drainage project as soon as the surveys of several properties had been finalized.

The council also discussed the feasibility of conducting a “bait and shoot” program in West Ellicott. William Wright, town attorney, said the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy has agreed to allow such a program to be conducted on their property located behind the Fairmount Plaza. However, they have stipulated the town furnish “indemnification and hold harmless agreements as a condition of allowing the program to proceed.” The insurance agent needed more details about the bait and shoot program before determining the potential liability issues involved.

Monday’s meeting tabled the ongoing deer management issue in West Ellicott. The town board also accepted a donation from the Chautauqua Lake Partnership.