Investigator: Empty Holster Found In Reed’s Nightstand

MAYVILLE — The second-degree murder trial of Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti II began its third week Wednesday in Chautauqua County Court with the defense calling its first witness to confirm that Keith Reed Jr. was the owner of several guns and ammunition.

“There were a lot of guns in (Reed’s) spare bedroom,” said Deputy Todd Beckerink, a former forensic investigator with the Ellicott Police Department who searched Reed’s house three days after the former Clymer Central School superintendent died in an apparent homicide.

According to Beckerink, Reed had six long guns, three handguns and boxes of ammunition in his second-floor spare bedroom which he apparently used as a “huge closet.”

A handgun was also found in a kitchen cupboard on the first floor.

Nathaniel Barone, public defender, said that a photograph showing an empty holster in Reed’s bedroom nightstand was “extremely important” to the defense.

During cross-examination, District Attorney David Foley had Beckerink confirm that the handguns were still in closed boxes when found by police.

The handgun found in the kitchen was also found in a closed cupboard according to Beckerink.

Beckerink was the only witness to testify today as the trial abruptly adjourned by 11 a.m.

It is uncertain if Barone will call more witnesses Thursday.

According to Judge John T. Ward, the jury will likely be given the case to deliberate tomorrow.

The trial is scheduled to resume Thursday at 9:30 a.m.