Several Contested Races Decided Tuesday

Chautauqua County voters decided several contested town and village races Tuesday.

Voters elected incumbents Todd Hanson and Kenneth Lawson, both Republicans, to the Busti Town Council with 1,187 and 1,215 votes, respectively over Democrat Cara Binnittieri, who received 602 votes.

“The town of Busti is a fantastic place to live, and I look forward to making it a better place to live,” Hanson said. He said he will work on controlling the taxes and continue to run the town efficiently and in a positive direction.

Christopher Cannon and Clinton Nagel beat Lawrence Ball with 239 and 215 votes, respectively, for Arkwright Town Board.

Republicans John Holthouse and Russell Hunik beat Howard Holthouse with 156 and 236 votes, respectively, for Clymer Town Board.

Pat McLaughlin, Republican, won against his Democratic opponent Victoria Bardo 254-152 in Ellicott’s Ward 1.

Brian Anderson, Republican, is leading his opponent Mark Risley, Working Families, 300-293 for Gerry highway superintendent. Ninety-eight absentee ballots were sent out and 47 have been returned, according to Norm Green, Democratic election commissioner.

Republicans David Hinder and Peter Radka beat Irene Anderson, Democrat, with 289 and 299 votes, respectively, for Harmony Town Board.

Robert Carlson, Democrat, took the night with 260 votes, beating Mark Johnson for Kiantone highway superintendent.

Bonnita Wallace, Republican, beat her Democratic opponent Darla Rissel for Poland Town Clerk with 375 votes.

Republicans Howard Crump and Gerald Russell beat James Irwin, Independent, with 207 and 233 votes, respectively, for Sherman Town Board.

Mark Cunningham, Republican, beat his Democratic opponent Jeffrey Shevlin for Stockton Town Justice with 791 votes.

Lakewood voters overwhelming voted to move village elections to be the same day as general elections in a 634-58 vote. Village elections were previously held in March.

Several candidates ran unopposed in Tuesday’s elections. They were:


Brett Mucheck, town council

Walter Dahlgren, town justice


Thomas Allison, highway superintendent

Patty Eckstrom and Michelle Lingerfelter, town council

Jack Jones Jr., town supervisor


Kenneth Bochmann, town supervisor

Darla Frost-Kianos, town clerk

Daniel Pavlock and Varsi Peterson, town council

Mark LeBaron, highway superintendent


Thomas Carlson and David Ward, town board

James Fischer and David Narducci, town justice



Kenneth W. Chase, highway superintendent

Mary Pulliam, town clerk

James Abbey and Carl Smallback, town board

William Young, town supervisor

Debra Frost, town tax collector


Martha Keys, town tax collector


Marvin Shellhouse, highway superintendent

Cecil Miller III, town supervisor

Michael Erlandson, town clerk

Sally Jaroszynski, town justice

Robert Heintzelman, Ward 2

Robert Pickett, Ward 3

George Beckerink, Ward 4


John Cresanti and G. Craig Miller, town board

Randall Present and Lawrence Wallace, town justice

Arden Johnson, town supervisor


Arthur Malecki, highway superintendent

Arlene Bemis, town clerk

Leo McCray and Norvel Willink, town board

David White, town supervisor


Recia Myers, town clerk

Todd Anderson and Linda Bartholomew, town board

John Crossley, town supervisor


Shelly Johnson, town clerk

Cheryl Wares, town board

Tim Card, highway superintendent

Bruce Scolton, town justice

William Lawson, town supervisor

Carrie Finnerty, tax collector


Melanie Hutley, town clerk

Kevin Myers and Kurt Sturzenbecker, town board

Jeff Piazza, town supervisor

Melanie Ostrander and Lori Thierfeldt, town justice


Rebecca Brumagin, town supervisor

Sherrie Tanner, town clerk

Dennis Luce and Richard Watrous, town board

Dennis Cooper, town justice

Paul Scarem, highway superintendent


Dan Strickland, highway superintendent

Nancy Thomas, town clerk

Dick Sena and Frank Stow, town board

Sally Carlson, town supervisor


Steven Hatfield and Katheleen Stanton, town board

Kelly Snow, town supervisor


Patricia Hathaway and Andy Knight, town board


Stanley Zembryski and Allen Chase, town board


Jerry LaPorte, town justice

David Spann and Raymond Schuster, town board