Many Factors Play Into Safer Crosswalks

To the Reader’s Forum:

A series of fender benders, including one that happened across the street from me, a few pedestrians I know that got run over by moving vehicles, and three boys who got hit by a car because they went through a red light – which is always happening.

People, whether drivers or pedestrians need to be more careful. The day after my neighbor got hit well. I had seen a glimpse of it while raking leaves. I had seen a tow truck driver, vehicle in tow, talking on a cell phone on his way into his shop.

Bikers need to follow the laws as well, as well as those who choose to pass through pedestrian crosswalks when they have the right of way. Happens all the time at places like Jones and Gifford, and as well, not everyone uses them either because they can’t be bothered to walk an extra 10 or 20 feet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Seventh Street and Washington Street need at least a blinking yellow and crosswalks.

Russell Fowler