Jamestown YMCA Jets Swimmers Top Meadville

The Jamestown Jets swim team hosted the Meadville YMCA in their inaugural meet of the season recently at Jamestown High School.

The Jets swept Meadville, winning nine age groups out of 10. The Jets posted 18 district qualifying times from nine different swimmers.

“It is great to see so many returning swimmers picking up where we left off last season,” said coach Jason Chinni. ”I am also very impressed with the performance of our first-year swimmers. We are looking forward to a very fun and successful season.”

The Jets are comprised of all levels of swimming from novice to national qualifier. It consists of boys and girls 5-18.

It is not to late to try it out and join. All swimmers must be able to complete one length of the pool, front and back. All swimmers who are interested can join for a trial week for no expense or obligation.

New swimmers are welcome to come and try a practice or two. All swimmers are at the YMCA on Monday through Friday from 3:30-5 p.m. and also on Wednesday and Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m.

For more information visit jamestownymca.org/jets.htm or contact Chinni at jchinni@jamestownymca.org.


25 Backstroke: Lily Hughes, 4th, 41.29; California Cobb, 5th, 42.63.

25Freestyle: Renee Waterman, 4th, 30.26; Lily Hughes, 5th, 37.21; California Cobb, 6th, 1:28.93.

50Freestyle: Lindsey Spitz, 1st, 44.04, (PB); Renee Waterman, 5th, 1:07.15.

100 Freestyle Relay: Lindsey Spitz, Lily Hughes, Renee Waterman, California Cobb, 1st, 3:31.57.

100 Individual Medley: Lindsey Spitz, 3rd, 1:57.99, (PB).


25 Backstroke: Zachary Marra, 1st, 28.03; Fenton Harley, 30.59; Aidan McCleery, 2nd, 34.54; Miles Moore, 3rd, 34.97; Grady Moore, 39.71; Anthony Hughes, 40.13.

25 Breaststroke: Jack Osborne, 1st, 44.93, (PB).

25Butterfly: Gannon Moore, 1st, 24.71, (PB); Brason Frederes, 2nd, 31.64, (PB); Noah Miles, 3rd, 37.47, (PB).

25 Freestyle: Anthony Hughes, 1st, 26.77; Fenton Harley, 2nd, 26.97; Grady Moore, 32.93; Aidan McCleery, 33.16; Miles Moore, 38.45.

50Freestyle: Noah Miles, 1st, 1:03.79; Jack Osborne, 1:07.73, (PB); Logan Hren, 2nd, 1:11.89.

100 Freestyle Relay: Jack Osborne, Miles Moore, Grady Moore, Logan Hren, 1st, 1:56.38; Brason Frederes, Fenton Harley, Anthony Hughes, Aidan McCleery, 2nd, 1:59.38.

100 Individual Medley: Gannon Moore, 1st, 1:54.26, (PB); Brason Frederes, 2nd, 2:22.92, (PB).

100 Medley Relay: Jack Osborne, Noah Miles, Gannon Moore, Zachary Marra, 1st, 1:52.94.


50Backstroke: Sophia Simons, 1st, 45.32, (PB); Miranda Waterman, 51.66, (PB); Sydney Moss, 3rd, 52.27; Annabella Prieto, 53.53, (PB); Samantha Bresson, 55.29; Morgan Torrey, 56.23; Madeleine Dubois, 4th, 57.20; Victoria Smith, 58.45; Alexandra Gren, 1:18.07.

50 Breaststroke: Alyssa Kuzminski, 48.90, (PB); Mackenzie Miller, 59.18, (PB); Alyssa Shimmel, 1:04.08, (PB); Morgan Torrey, 1:09.47; Natalie Reinhardt, 1:25.16.

50Freestyle: Sophia Simons, 3rd, 37.10, (PB); Alyssa Kuzminski, 4th, 37.53; Victoria Smith, 41.75; Morgan Torrey, 42.19, (PB); Alyssa Shimmel, 42.34; Madeleine Dubois, 46.44; Miranda Waterman, 47.33; Samantha Bresson, 47.67; Annabella Prieto, 49.37; Natalie Reinhardt, 6th, 52.54, Alexandra Gren, 56.04; Sydney Moss, 58.51; Mackenzie Miller, 1:00.43.

100 Backstroke: Annabella Prieto, 2nd, 1:53.13.

100 Butterfly: Alyssa Shimmel, 1st, 1:54.43, (PB).

100 Individual Medley: Sophia Simons, 2nd, 1:43.37, (PB); Miranda Waterman, 3rd, 2:10.09, (PB).

200 Freestyle Relay: Sophia Simons, Alyssa Kuzminski, Ashlyn Saracki, Mackenzie Miller, 1st, 2:38.77; Sydney Moss, Miranda Waterman, Morgan Torrey, Madeleine Dubois, 2nd, 3:23.44; Annabella Prieto, Samantha Bresson, Natalie Reinhardt, Victoria Smith, 3rd, 3:42.55.


50Backstroke: Kyle Dean, 39.56, (Dist.); Jacob Anderson, 40.29, (Dist.), (PB); Aryan Marathe, 1st, 56.16; Andrew Nelson, 3rd, 1:14.43.