Candidates Make Final Push For Funds

The Chautauqua County executive and clerk candidates’ campaigns have made a last-minute push for funds.

The state Board of Elections posted its most recent campaign account balances on Oct. 25 listing contributors, itemized and unitemized donation amounts and other information for Chautauqua County Clerk candidates Larry Barmore and Lori Cornell. Information for County Executive candidates Vince Horrigan and Ron Johnson was also posted.

The Committee to Elect Vince Horrigan Chautauqua County Executive came into the period with a total amount of $65,554. Over the course of the campaign, the Chautauqua County Republican Committee contributed $9,235 to Horrigan’s efforts.

Since his closing balance of $8,587 on Oct. 25, he was able to add $56,967.

Horrigan said he was humbled by the incredible amount of support.

“Over 300 donors have stepped forward to be able to support this message of lean opportunity,” he said.

In the days leading up to the campaign, Horrigan said he and his volunteer committee have gathered at the campaign headquarters every morning, going door-to-door, making phone calls and contacting voters. He also plans to travel on a countywide tour on Tuesday, ending at the Republican headquarters in Jamestown as the polls close.

As for the Committee to Elect Ron Johnson, the total ending account balance as of Friday was $55,140 with 56 percent of the contributions itemized. Johnson himself was one of his biggest contributors, giving 18 percent – $10,000 – to the total amount of the campaign.

Johnson’s ending fund balance on Oct. 25 was $7,494.

Both candidates properly listed the name and complete address of donors and reported very few “un-itemized” donations. Both candidates received significant contributions from outside of Chautauqua County – Horrigan, 18 percent, and Johnson, 23 percent. Horrigan received significantly more financial support from local political parties – 14 percent – while 4.5 percent of Johnson’s ending balance was from political parties.

Johnson received more financial support from unions – 19.8 percent – while Horrigan received none.

As for County Clerk candidates Larry Barmore and Lori Cornell, both account balances ended very close to one another.

Barmore’s ending balance was $24,264 and his largest contributors was Off Lease and Resales of Cassadaga and the Republican Chairman’s Club, which each gave donations of $3,500.

The ending account balance as of Oct. 25 was $9,950 with an increase of $14,713 by Friday.

Barmore said, “You can always use more. Obviously you’re limited on what you can do by how much you raise.”

He said he was pretty much done spending money as of Friday.

“I know candidates get excited now,” he said. “If you haven’t made up your mind who you’re voting for right now, you’re never going to make up your mind.”

Cornell’s ending balance on Nov. 1 was $23,326 and her largest contributor was the CSEA union which gave $3,300 and accounted for 14 percent of her ending balance. On Oct. 25, the closing balance for Friends of Lori Cornell was $3,555.

Financial statements filed by Cornell failed to identify the source of 54 percent of her contributions, which were listed as “un-itemized” and 45 percent of her contributions had missing information or addresses.

“We are still short the amount that we need to finish paying all of our advertising and campaign material bills, but I’m very grateful to all of my contributors,” she said. “One of the things I’m most proud of when I fundraise is the amount of supporters that come forward and donate. I have a large number of people who are willing to give as much as they can.”

“I’ll continue to get on the phone and send out e-mail requests,” she added. “I do try to reach as many people as I can personally, and door to door since the campaign started back in early summer.”