Citizens Have Power To End Washington Crisis

To The Reader’s Forum:

In a CNN poll, completed after the end of the recent shutdown, just over half of the American public believe that it’s bad for our country to have GOP control in the House of Representatives. The survey also indicated only 12 percent of the people approve of the job that Congress is doing. Both Republicans and Democrats as well as the Administration should pause and take seriously the reactions of Americans concerning the shutdown and the debt crisis.

As citizens, we must give serious thought as to how we can help to end the crisis of confidence and dysfunction with our elected officials.

Is there a way out to end this dark period in our government’s history? Yes! We the American public must speak out forcibly and repeatedly to make our opinions known. We must counteract the strong influences of political organizations who work behind the scenes in order to pressure our elected officials while spending on the effort obscene amounts of money and attempting to avoid transparency.

The plan of action? Demand that Congress and the Administration : 1) lower the fiery rhetoric; 2) work together in good faith with people on both sides of the aisle and the Administration; 3) legislate responsibly and seek solutions to difficult and complex problems; 4) find common ground; 5) make compromises; and 6) get the job done! Congress should take as an example the small group of women in Congress (supported by a few men) who requested that Congress work together and develop a plan of action to work on those problems facing all of us.

We should recognize and applaud those in Congress and the Administration who do follow the above plan of action. Notify them of your approval.

At the same time, we should loudly condemn and use the power of the ballot box to remove from office those in the Congress and the Administration who refuse to work together to solve problems. The American people do not want our government to lurch from crisis to crisis in the future.

Roger Gilbert