Editor’s Note

The nice thing about being 24 on Halloween is no one really cares if they see me.

I’m not a small child, dressing up for the day and getting my picture taken with relatives as they shovel candy into my bag. I stay home, hand out chocolate to trick-or-treaters and watch scary movies. I don’t even need to change out of my work clothes.

Thanksgiving and Christmas, though, are real holidays. They involve planning, travel and spending time with relatives. I was reminded of this while visiting my grandparents this week.

“Are you coming for Thanksgiving?” Grandma asked as we were preparing to leave. My fiancee and I had arrived 90 minutes late to my grandparents’ house for a birthday party since I couldn’t get away from this desk. It had been a long day; I wanted to go home, have dinner and go to sleep.

Nancy Shelters, though, wanted to book her favorite grandson for Thanksgiving before it was too late, reminding me of the challenges of holiday planning – a real tricky treat.

My fiancee and I both have divorced parents. Mine live here; hers live in Buffalo. So, it’s not as simple as heading to my folks’ place for lunch and hers for dinner. No, no, no. Holidays involve careful planning, the consideration of feelings, and most importantly, driving and lots of it.

Always helpful, my mother has started the Thanksgiving breakfast tradition in recent years, so we begin the day at her place. Grandma has booked us for the coveted lunchtime spot, so the first half of the day will hopefully be spent entirely in Chautauqua County.

Then, last year at least, we made it to my future father-in-law’s for dinner. We were, of course, fashionably late. Somehow, despite our efforts, we did not spend any of the holiday with Sarah’s mother and her side of the family. Dessert, anyone?

Holidays have much to offer. The time spent with loved ones is irreplaceable. We’re truly thankful to have people with whom we can spend the day.

Starting the morning with a big pot of coffee and an empty stomach, I hope our efforts will result in a wonderful, strictly scheduled holiday. And if not, at least there’s football to help pass the time.