Johnson Right Pick For Future

To The Reader’s Forum:

It was surprising to see Greg Edwards directly insert himself into the race for the next county executive with his opinion piece entitled, “Chautauqua County Deserves Better,” printed in the Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, Post-Journal. Since he has accepted a position with the non-profit Gebbie Foundation, one would expect less vituperative, partisan accusations against Ron Johnson, the Democratic candidate.

Mr. Johnson has brought to light that our county has over 7,000 fewer people working than just 7 years ago and questioned some of the administrative expenses of the Industrial Development Agency (IDA). That seems factual and understandable. We seem to be languishing in an attitude of defending the status quo.

Ron Johnson is a businessman who has successfully turned around several troubled long-term care facilities. He has served as a Town Justice for 16 years. Additionally, he has advanced several good ideas for improving our economic condition in the county.

When I was Mayor of Jamestown, and Joe Gerace Sr. was our first County Executive, we worked with a broad spectrum of local leaders to save and assist in creating good paying jobs. In three years, our unemployment rate went from 10% to 4%. We can achieve results like that again only if we elect positive people and all work together to revitalize our economy.

Hopefully, people of all political persuasions will work together after the election. Let’s realize Chautauqua County’s great potential in the years ahead.

Stan Lundine