Gaugel Just Misses 300 At JBC

Bryant Gaugel was on target for a 300 when he was denied Friday night in area bowling.

Gaugel drilled 11 straight strikes, but then left four pins on his final ball for a 296 en route to a 680 for Shawbucks/Bel-View East League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Rick Martin had the highest series with a 223-255-691 in the Friday Night Mixed Couples League at JBC.

Greg Bush fired a 257, Steve Dame a 256 and Chris Burnett a 255 at JBC.

Earlier, Jim Elardo blasted a 257-265-725 to lead the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC on Friday.

Also at JBC, Bob Howe rolled 223-236-633, John Kotlar tossed 221-211-631 and Jim Mitchell had 249-604.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Shawbucks/Bel-View East League – Jim Chapman 223-235-669, Steve Dame 235-663, Eric Truver 225-246-644, Mike LaPlaca 621, Joe Halovich 222-614, Greg Bush 598, Chris Burnett 595.

Mixed Couples League – John VanHorn 218-592, Lorena Bernoudy 515, Anne Zepka 488.

Senior Coffee Bowl – Howie McIntyre Sr. 205-582, Mike Barton 574, Marv John 222-203-563, Harry Jones 202-542, Carol Mills 497, Joyce Spicer 448, Barb Carlson 401.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Roger Robinson 232-626, Cody Robinson 244-619, Brad Robinson 224-612, Pat Bemis 607, Tyler Griswold 234-605, Cran Nyweide 600, Michael Reed 227-576.