In The Spirit

Students at Lincoln Elementary School were afforded a chance to take a brief break from their classroom studies in order to partake in the Halloween experience.

Regardless of which day it falls on, the All Day Halloween Fun Fair at Lincoln provides a time of excitement and enjoyment for both students and adults every year. It helps to assure children have an opportunity to celebrate Halloween despite the poor weather conditions that often plague Western New York on Oct. 31.

Katie Russo, Lincoln principal, was also dressed in costume for the event, and said it enables students, faculty and staff to take a brief recess from their increasingly demanding workloads.

“We don’t allow (the students) to be kids very often,” Russo said. “We have so many curricular demands now that we have to really embed the fun into the learning. And so a day like this, where we can just let them interact with their peers and be kids, is a good thing. And as far as behavior today, the kids know what the expectation is and there have been no issues.”

Throughout the entirety of the school day Thursday, Lincoln’s Parent-Teacher Association hosted the annual fair in the school gymnasium from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The fair allowed every student of the school – from universal prekindergarten through fourth grade – to participate in a variety of activities and games, as well as receive candy. A rotating schedule of 40-minute intervals for each class was employed to ensure an equal distribution of enjoyment, and parents and younger siblings were also welcomed to participate.

According to Joanne Dean, treasurer of the PTA, this year’s event was the culmination of what is now a 25-year tradition at Lincoln.

“We looked into it last year, and I believe that it’s the longest standing PTA party in the district,” Dean said. “And today, because of the weather, it works out perfectly because the kids might not get a chance to go trick-or-treating.”

Tammy Nordwall, president elect of the PTA, said overall participation in the yearly event has increased proportionally with its age.

“It seems to be getting bigger and bigger,” Nordwall said. “We have about 30 volunteers this year, which is more than we’ve ever had. So, we’re really lucky in that way.”

Nordwall said the Halloween fun fair is made possible every year through the collaborative efforts of the PTA and sponsors within the community.

“(The PTA has) a budget, and we buy the candy and ask for sponsors,” Nordwall said. “Wegmans, Tops and Lind Funeral Home cut us a check this year, and Anderson Produce donated all of the hay bales and props for the picture area.”

Also new to this year was a volunteer and teacher costume contest, Nordwall said.