Job Well-Done

Four workers with disabilities were in the spotlight at The Resource Center on Wednesday for being successful employees.

October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The Resource Center capped the month by honoring four workers – Sara Binkiwitz, Sarah Curran, Keith Gowan and Kyle Keller – who have been successful in community-based employment settings.

Melissa Johnson, Truck-Lite training manager, said the Falconer-based company has benefited from The Resource Center’s employment services. She has worked with The Resource Center for 11 years in finding employees. She said Truck-Lite has four employment techs who do cleaning services for the company. She said an additional employee is currently being trained to also join the staff.

“I would recommend this agency to any employer,” she said.

Binkiwitz has been employed at Denny’s Restaurant in Fredonia for the past five years. She sets tables and washes dishes.

“I get a good paycheck,” she said. “I love it a lot.”

Curran works at Allied Industries as a sewer. Allied Industries is a multi-faceted division of The Resource Center providing employment to people with disabilities.

“I love sewing. It’s fun,” Curran said.

Keller has worked at Home Depot for about a year. He does cleaning jobs and helps people around the store.

“I help people a lot,” he said. “I like my job. It’s pretty awesome.”

Gowan, who was not present for the ceremony, works at the Interstate 86 rest stop doing environmental services. Mike Braxton, The Resource Center enterprise development support staff, said Gowan is happy with his job.

“He said he likes the hard work,” Braxton said for Gowan.

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