Ellicott First?Ward Candidate?Bardo Plans On Being Fiscally Conservative If Elected

Victoria Trass Bardo, Democratic Party candidate for the Ward 1 seat on the Ellicott Town Board, says she wants to be fiscally conservative if she is elected.

“My 25 years-plus experience at The Resource Center, Filling the Gap, and serving on several not for profit boards really make you understand the importance of each dollar, and most importantly, how to make all dollars stretch as to optimize programs and services to the recipients and members,” Bardo said. “Sometimes the budget process is not pleasant, nor is it easy. I understand that sometimes difficult decisions must be made for sustainability. As a council member, the first responsibility is to make level headed decisions, based on facts, with an ever watchful eye on spending.”

Bardo has lived with her family in West Ellicott since 2004 and is a 25-year employee of The Resource Center. She is currently in the position of development and events manager for the corporate affiliate, Filling the Gap. Community events such as the Gus Macker and Street Jam basketball tournaments are all conducted under her direction. Other community events – such as The Resource Center’s holiday parade, disability awards celebration, Laurel Run, TRC Golf Classic and Step Up for Autism – are also sponsored by Bardo.

She has served on the Jamestown area Meals on Wheels board of directors for more than 20 years. Her affiliations include the Downtown Jamestown Development Corporation Committee and the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors, for which she was awarded the Community Service Award in 2008.

“The strength of the town is the responsibility of all businesses and residents,” she said. “We must ask the tough questions, and decide what our community must look like to maintain the quality level of homes, neighborhoods, and to encourage future business development, while supporting existing businesses in all parts of the town. One word, communication is the key to knowing the issues, and bringing to light fresh ideas, and new ways to address and resolve, (in many cases) old problems. Giving a voice and some ownership can go a very long way in motivating our community. Nothing can be accomplished if we say nothing, and do things in the same manner. I want to see our town thrive and prosper through development of business, new homes, secure safe neighborhoods, and preserve our existing beautiful homes and streets. The town of Ellicott must remain the most desirable area to foster business and raise a family. We want to be the best of both worlds. I am a big fan of hearing from all of the proud residents and business owners in Ward 1.”