Investigator: Reed’s Blood Was On Taglianetti’s Revolver

MAYVILLE – A forensic investigator has confirmed that Keith Reed Jr.’s blood was on Anthony R. Taglianetti II’s revolver.

Amanda Brinton, forensic investigator at the New York state forensic investigation center, testified Thursday in Chautauqua County Court that the reddish-brown stains located on the barrel of Taglianetti’s revolver matched the blood profile of Reed.

According to Brinton, the chances of the blood belonging to anybody else were less than “1 in 300 billion.”

Brinton also indicated that Reed’s DNA was located inside the revolver case, holster and cylinder.

Public Defender Nathaniel Barone will cross-examine Brinton later today.

Meanwhile, Theresa White, forensic scientist for the New York state forensic center in Albany, confirmed that Taglianetti’s DNA was found on the suspected murder weapon.

White, who conducted the DNA analysis in July, said that the .357 Taurus magnum, found in Taglianetti’s car, had mixtures of DNA from both Taglianetti and Reed, however Taglianetti was the dominant source of DNA on the revolver’s cylinder and extractor rod.

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